The Chongqing Business Exploration Programme (CQBE) is a unique initiative to create a business networking platform and foster connections between professionals and businesses. The programme aims to facilitate business matchmaking and collaboration, leading to mutually beneficial partnerships. The philosophy behind CQBE is to provide a face-to-face exchange platform that allows businesses to understand each other’s needs and cultures, thereby broadening perspectives and discovering new business and resource expansion opportunities. The programme focuses on Chongqing, a city with extensive business interactions and a vast network of contacts. The programme ensures high-quality and efficient resources through market research, enterprise screening, and partnerships with local enterprises, investors, and government departments. CQBE includes guided visits to reputable companies and SMEs in the region and hosting multiple private business networking events to connect professionals across various sectors and facilitate resource exchange and market expansion. The programme aims to promote Sino-Singaporean business cooperation and exchanges, explicitly focusing on connecting Singapore and Chongqing, China.

Attendees will get these at the event:

free gift

Free s͛Card account & Smart Card

free gift

The first 20 attendees will get SGD10 Grab Voucher

free gift

Coffee, Tea & Light Snacks are provided

Programme brief dates:

Please choose the date you would like to attend the programme brief to know more about CQBE.

Location: 3 Temasek Avenue, 21st Floor of Centennial Tower, Singapore 039190

Note: Each briefing caps at 40 participants; not all applications can be accommodated.

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